APDR mission is to work in partnership to promote
peace, justice, equality and tolerance in the society so that all
individuals can exercise their rights and live quality of life.


-To promote democracy, human dignity, social justice and solidarity, ensure tolerance, non-violence, pluralism and non-discrimination with respect for diversity both within and among the societies

 -To promote full respect for human rights and improve the
socio-economic conditions of disadvantaged communities without
jeopardizing their traditional and cultural values.

-To suggest immediate measures for institution building that enhances human survival, social justice and human resource development

-To provide basic education to all without any discrimination of gender and to find out ways and means to increase literacy in the backward areas of the country

-To reduce the danger of small arms, cluster munitions and other weapons of mass destruction through mass awareness, lobbying and advocacy campaigns.

-To raise awareness of issues that affect disabled people and to ensure disabled people receive appropriate levels of support and advice to be able to play a full and equal role within the community

-To work in partnership with the statutory sector and other voluntary organization in promoting equality of opportunity

-To ensure the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health and the access to all primary health care.

-To help the innocent victims of natural calamities such as earthquake, cyclone, drought, famine, floods, epidemic diseases and the victims of