At present, we work with some of the most disadvantaged communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan; responding to emergencies, improving access to quality health and education, creating livelihood opportunities and working closely with communities and government departments to promote disability rights, peace, tolerance and security.

APDR works together with the grassroots communities for promoting peace and greater human rights in Pakistan. APDR works by adapting participatory approach, involving communities in identification, planning and implementation of projects. This creates a sense of ownership and brings long term sustainability of the projects. ADPR will strengthen public-private partnership and encourage dialogue between communities, government and NGOs.

Our work involves thefollowing programmes;

Ø    Disarmament, Peace & Conflict Prevention
Ø    Disability rights

Ø    Emergency Response & Recovery
Ø     Research, Advocacy & Campaigns

Ø    Youth Initiative & Volunteering Programme