The United Nations (UN) has set up an international human rights convention on the rights of disabled people. which sets out the duty of countries who has ratified the convention to protect the human rights of disabled people. Pakistan is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities but has not ratified the convention yet. APDR will work regorously to urge other human rights organisations at national level in lobbying the governments to ratify the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilitys in order to safeguard, protect and promote the rights of disabled people in Pakistan.

 APDR will research on the most pressing issue related to peace, conflict prevention, conflict esolution and peace building Research on Arms & human security Research on human rights issues, disability rights. APDR plans to develop and maintain a resource base for peace and disability related studies. APDR also plans to produce a quarterly magazine based on the research undertaken on peace related issues and disability rights in Pakistan. The magazine will benefit over 3 million handicapped people of the country and will provide a platform to the most deprived community of the society. We also aim to plan and arrange various workshops, seminars and conferences on subjects related to peace and disability rights.

 APDR works for peace and with disabled people to ensure that their views, wishes and feelings are known and they are included in decisions being made about them. We work to promote disability rights by influence policy through various advocacy campaigns and lobbying. For disabled people to be able to exercise more choice and control, live with dignity and to have full access goods and services.