In Pakistan there is an estimated 36 million (63 % of the total population) young people between the ages of 15-24. The literacy rate is 53 % for males and 42 % for females. ADPR aims to involve young people to influence policy to address the inter-connected issues, of poverty, child labor, lack of education, and gender discrimination. A sizeable number of Pakistan’s population lives in abject poverty; and their children have to work for the survival of their families. The National Child Labour survey conducted in 1996 by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, found 3.3 million of the 40 million children (in the 5-14 years age group) to be economically active on a
full-time basis.

 Volunteers are valuable assists of APDR. Being a small and relatively new organization, APDR has a particular focus on youth volunteering. APDR aims to engage and empower young people to promote peace, tolerance and human rights in the society. APDR aims to involve youth in all its activities to increase social inclusion and community participation. APDR will provide relevant training to all volunteers and will ensure that they feel valued.

 One of the terrifying trends in Pakistan’s society is that many young people are joining extremist groups, lured by the promise of identity money and a revenge on the war on terror. This rise is has been spurred by high unemployment, poverty and education for marginalised young people.

 Our youth and volunteering programme has the following objectives;

  • To encourage young people to make a commitment to volunteer work and improve the image of young people in the society by involving them in positive activities and volunteerism

  • To support the growth and diversity of the voluntary sector in Pakistan through promotion of the concept of volunteerism

  • To support and empower young people tackle the problems they face and become more active in community affairs